Seems people all across the country were ‘moved’ by Oprah’s speech during the Golden Globes. Even Ivanka Trump:

Nice change of pace, eh? A Trump being inspired by someone she may disagree with politically, calling for unity and a stop to sexual harassment for men and women? Surely no one would have a problem with Ivanka using her reach and influence to build support for this initiative, right?

Oh, Alyssa. This was so petty and small.

So much for unity, Ivanka.

Clearly, Alyssa and others like her don’t want support from anyone on the right.


Because she’s an ACTIVIST and stuff now.

That’s an interesting way to look at this interaction.

Maybe because they wouldn’t wear black?

Nope, because Chelsea Clinton hasn’t bothered to tweet her support for #TimesUp.

Funny that.


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