Al Gore is concerned that it’s bitter cold in parts of the US.

Even though you know, it’s winter and that’s what happens in the winter.

Still, he and Dr. Michael Mann took time to explain that this is somehow part of a climate crisis (notice they changed it from climate change):

Go to this site, read about how it’s winter but it’s like some super killer winter and then …

Boom goes the dynamite.

This burn could absolutely melt the polar bears.

Wait. We mean melt the ice caps.

Or something.

James had several ideas that were much better for helping people in the cold than giving Al Gore more money:


Gore is likely more than comfy in his giant mansion using tons of electricity and other resources while sitting on Twitter pandering to paranoid Americans about a climate crisis because it’s cold … in the winter.


Far better investment than giving Tipper’s husband another dime to tell us how polar bears are dying out and the ice caps will be gone by 2014.



HUME BOOM! Heat from Brit Hume’s burn on Al Gore defender is enough to melt the ice caps