Hollywood is a cesspool.

In other news, water is wet.

Seems the Academy regrets removing all-around pervert and houseplant assaulter Havey Weinstein ‘so hastily.’

From Page Six:

And it’s not just new allegations that are haunting the Academy. What to do about two of the most notorious accused sexual predators in Hollywood, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski, who were charged years before the Weinstein stories broke? Or, for that matter, Casey Affleck — who last year won the Best Actor Oscar — and the two settled cases of sexual-harassment against him? (Cosby and Affleck deny the accusations.)

Now, a barrage of petitions, complaints and letters are hitting Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and newly elected president John Bailey about these other men.

Gosh, they’re surrounded by douchebags and perverts, whatever will they do?!

They’re not worried about the fact that Hollywood is full of sexual offenders, they’re worried about what will happen to the Academy.

Adorable ain’t it?

It’s pathetic ain’t’ it?

May well be the most perfect tweet about Hollywood, ever.


Now that it’s not politically advantageous to call out their own perverts they’re moving on.

Fair point.

Reality as well.

Ha! Us either.

Like we said, cesspool.


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