Michael Wolff’s book on Trump, ‘Fire and Fury,’ was supposedly in such high demand after Trump tried to halt its release that publishers moved the release date up for the book up to today (well, last night).

Journos were SO SURE that people would be lining up into the streets to buy the book that would ultimately be the end of Donald Trump that they were front and center to cover the release.

There was only one problem.

So no line of people, but a line of journos.


This thread is everything.


At least the fifth grader is paying in cash.

Oh wait, he said fifth-grade TEACHER, our bad.

Hey, there are a lot of woke fifth graders out there … heh.

Live tweeting the MAGIC!

Wolff should send Trump a thank you note at the very least for the amount of attention and free marketing the president gave him.

Hrm. Nope.

Us too, even though the book is usually better than the movie.


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