As Twitchy readers know, Rosie all but tried to very publicly bribe senators to vote the way she wanted on the GOP tax bill. While plenty of her defenders have insisted it was satire, others like Ben Shapiro have been less than convinced. And after he snarked about Rosie being investigated …

She took it personally and tweeted what we thought was the grossest of the gross slams.

Like there is NO WAY she could have gotten any grosser.

But sadly, we were wrong.

Ok, that’s a total yuck.

Ben responded … and since there was no real reply we figured this was over.

Until she tweeted this in the wee hours of the morning today:



Seriously, who in their right mind thinks tweeting something like this is a good idea?

Wait, never mind.

How quickly do you think Twitter would shut someone down for talking to Rosie in this way?

Oh yeah.

You know this tweet made her eye twitch a little.

Alrighty then.

Yeah, about that …


Us too.


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