If we had a nickel for every stupid and terrifying tweet being sent out about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from progressives we’d have a ton of nickels.

Actually, we’d have so many nickels that Democrats would accuse us of being evil rich people and wanting a tax cut … because how dare Americans want to keep more of the money they earn? The nerve.

And seriously, could Joy Reid be any more wrong with this bill?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Interesting how it’s greedy for the GOP to make sure Americans can keep more of the money they earn. You’d think assuming the government has a right to steal money that doesn’t belong to them would actually be greed, but hey, what do we know?

Maybe Joy missed it, but most Americans will be getting a tax cut, not just those evil rich people.

That may actually be her new title.

Lucky for Joy Reid, Rosie was right there for the assist.


So we’ve read and re-read Joy’s tweet and we can’t honestly figure out what Rosie’s tweet has to do with what she said but it is Rosie we’re talking about here. Guess we should just be lucky it doesn’t include some weird image with a bunch of red copy scrawled all over it.

Ok, we may have spoken too soon.



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