After Rosie very publicly tried to bribe senators to vote the way she wanted on the tax bill (which didn’t matter because it still passed), many people in social media questioned whether or not she had actually broken the law.

Honestly, we haven’t seen Rosie get this much coverage since she attacked Barron Trump on Twitter.

Now, some are arguing that Rosie was just joking and that it was satire …

Pretty sure this wasn’t a joke.

Forget that she misspelled Collins’ name, but to use her family photo in this way and offer her money at the same time? If that’s a joke it’s no wonder no one is paying Rosie for comedy these days.

Besides, Rosie basically said she wasn’t kidding.

You know it’s bad when Louise Mensch of all people is telling you that you’ve gone too far.


So of COURSE Tom Arnold was drawn to the crazy and decided to defend Rosie and attack the NRA all at once.


Make this about the NRA, Tom, that’s such an unexpected angle from a progressive green penis such as yourself.

But Truuuuuump! The NRA!

Awww, isn’t that cute, Rosie sent him a heart.


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