Stacey Dash is standing up for Hollywood’s most vulnerable victims.

Hollywood ‘activists’ like Alyssa Milano seem to want to make the #MeToo movement about themselves because hardly any of their focus has been on the very real situation many children face in Hollywood (even though Corey Feldman has been doing his best to make noise about it).

Guess if Hollywood elites can’t dress up in fancy black dresses at an award ceremony to raise awareness about it they’re not all that interested in helping out.

Unless you’re Stacey Dash.

From American News:

Corey Feldman has been in the news recently. For decades, Feldman has claimed he and partner and best friend, the late Corey Haim were victims of sexual abuse. He charged that the real problem Hollywood faces rampant pedophilia. His autobiography outlined horrible incidences without naming names. Feldman has always maintained that he would one day divulge the names of the abusers.

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” is the #METOO movement. These are the women who came forward to speak out against sexual abuse. I ask, why was Corey Feldman not on this cover?

Because he’s a white, straight, male.

Sorry, but no one in that movement seems all the concerned that men (and children) are also victims of sexual assault in Hollywood.

It’s time to start helping these kids.



This. Breaks. Our. Hearts.

Good question.


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