We’ve heard NOTHING from the Left but accusations that the president somehow colluded with Russia. And who knew, they may well have been right … they just had the wrong president.

From Omri Ceren, and like he suggests, read this very carefully.

So in other words, to push through his beloved Iran deal, Obama allowed Putin’s personal Hezbollah operative to ‘slip’ out of Western custody. And folks, Ali Fayad is a seriously bad guy who was arrested for attempting to murder several government employees and supporting terrorists.

He was also Putin’s go to for Hezbollah.

If that doesn’t spell collusion we’re not sure what does.


Silly, CNN is far too busy declaring war on Fox News to actually cover this.

But Truuuuuuuuuuump.

Paging Ben Rhodes.

C’mon now, Biden insisted just recently that there wasn’t a hint of corruption or scandal in the Obama administration.


And indeed, it appears he was.


All the lefty speculation that Trump will fire Robert Mueller? NEVER MIND!