As news broke this morning of an Amtrak train derailing in Washington, people across social media stopped what they were doing and for just a moment said a small prayer for everyone wounded and or killed in this horrible accident.

Sadly it seems other people could hardly WAIT to use this tragedy to push a political agenda though, like Joy Reid.

We don’t even know how many people are wounded and or dead yet, Joy. Maybe it would be a good idea to hold off on the preachy politics until families are at least notified of their hurt or dead family members.

Soulless ghoul.

Media. That’s what’s wrong with her.

Shhh, she’s busy pretending the GOP doesn’t care about dead people.

It really does come off as just heartless and gross.

So if it was a section of a new track, this was not necessarily an issue with infrastructure.

Point is, we don’t really know yet.

But we’re pretty sure Joy won’t let a little thing like the truth get in the way of her narrative.

It’s what they do.

Even people who support and follow her found her timing to be disrespectful and premature.

Oh, and here’s the real kicker, Joy agrees with Donald Trump … LOL.


Of course, Trump wasn’t using the dead and wounded to bitch about tax cuts, but it’s Joy’s just desserts that she agrees in some way with the president.


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