Oh look, the History Channel is trying help Roy Moore get elected. Someone should tell them snide, smug comments about the GOP candidate will only inspire Alabamians who support him to support him MORE.

But hey, they made a funny … or not:

OH HA HA HA. Granted, his statement on the Civil War was … well, dumb. But if you read the full piece and not the portion that was taken out of context, what Moore was really saying was he missed living in a time where family mattered.

Or something.

We dunno.

All we do know is silly tweets like this from smug outsiders only make Moore supporters more determined to vote for him.

Way to go, History Channel.

Stick with what they know, fair.

It was pretty obnoxious.



Yikes, History Channel.

Talk about a historic beatdown.


‘CANNOT be real’! Who thought this Roy Moore interview was a GOOD idea?

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