You know those tweets you come across every once in awhile where you sort of sit back, scratch your head, and wonder if the person who wrote the tweet may have eaten a bunch of lead paint as a child?

Because this tweet from Steven Thrasher is just that sort of tweet:

Kill all the men (but just the straight white ones)! And ‘queers’? That’s ok to use these days? Hrm.

Steven appears to be a writer ‘at large,’ writing for sites like the Guardian and Buzzfeed … which actually makes perfect sense when you read this tweet.

And c’mon, only straight white men sexually harass others?

It was a very infamous ‘coming out’ for Kevin Spacey indeed.

Hire us because we hate those one guys who are white and straight probably isn’t the best way to get a job. Although in 2017 anything is possible.

Imagine if a white man wrote this … wait, he is white.

Oh brother.



‘Nuff said.


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