What kind of low-life troll scours the Internet looking for dirt on a young boy whose video went viral after he was bullied. Oh, that’s right, a low-life troll like Tariq Nasheed:

FFS dude. He should have stopped right before the word, ‘BUT’.

Suspected racist because why? She has the American and Confederate flags in her post, and that automatically makes her a bad person or a racist in Tariq’s small little mind. Then again, he thinks everything is racist.

Even Twitchy.

Joy Villa has had ENOUGH:

It’s a respect for the flag, not racism. How many different ways do people need to spell this out so progressives will finally GET IT?

Condescend much?

The only one overselling anything is Tariq with his ‘everything is racist and white people are evil’ agenda.


Why is Tariq bullying this kid? He disagrees with his mother’s politics so that means the kid deserves to be bullied?

What a warped take on what was originally a very warm and lovely response from all sides of the aisle to a horrible situation.

Someone needs to grow up and it’s not Keaton.


From Monica Lewinsky to Sean Hannity to the NFL: Twitter comes to the defense of bullied boy named Keaton Jones