It all started here, where most debates about the suckiness of Socialism do, with a story or a reference to Venezuela.

And as most people know, Venezuela is a dump suggesting to its citizens that they eat rabbits in order to survive because there is no food.

Yay Socialism.

Seems even the Socialist Party didn’t like being tied to Venezuela …

OMG you know you’ve reached 2017 when The Socialist Party is screeching about fake news.

Boom goes the dynamite from Jonah Goldberg.

In other words, Socialism sucks – although Jonah said it much prettier than we did.

Jonah seems to be the opposite of confused in this conversation. The Socialist Party on the other hand …

Socialists love to insist Socialism just has never been implemented correctly and that once we allow them to manipulate our economy and lives it will all be clear.

Yeah, no.

Jonah NAILED it.

So of course, The Socialist Party didn’t have a reply.

But man, popcorn anyway.



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