It’s surely a sign of the end of times … we agree with Sally Kohn. But when it comes to NBC and their BS, lackluster way of dealing with predators like Matt ‘Had a Button Under His Desk to Lock Victims In His Office’ Lauer, she’s spot freaking on.

Time to stop protecting monsters because they might agree with you politically.

Would appear NBC was more concerned about bad PR than the women who were being harassed and assaulted.

And double shame on The Today Show.

From Vox:

Lauer had been a constant presence at Today since becoming co-anchor in 1997, even as his female counterparts have rotated — there was Katie Couric as his co-anchor, then Meredith Vieira, Curry, and finally Guthrie.

Today had fought hard to keep Lauer around. He is one of the highest-paid men on television, reportedly signing a new $20 million-a-year contract with NBC last year.

$20 million dollars … and they knew.

Hollywood. D.C. The Media.

Power corrupts.

Nice dig at Geraldo, who definitely had it coming.

There is a HUGE difference between a hug in the hallway and some monster locking you in an office so he can violate you.

Shame on NBC.


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