As Twitchy readers know, Keith Olbermann ‘retired’ from political commentary yesterday.

And there was great rejoicing.

There were plenty of digs at Olbermann over his departure from being an annoying so-called political commentator, but no one hit him quite as hard (or as hilariously) as Iowahawk.

HA! How many times was he fired from ESPN? He could apply at Slate or Salon, they’d probably love him.


Stelter shared his announcement so we know he saw it.

YES! We can see this internal dialogue now:

Keith: Hey Keith, a word?
Keith: Sure, what’s up, Keith?
Keith: Sorry pal, but I’m gonna have to let you go.
Keith: BUT WHY?
Keith: We’re just not on the same page anymore.
Keith: *cries* I know, I’ve been feeling the same way.
Keith: Well, good luck to you.

Epic, yes? To be a fly on the wall …

She finally got pissed at him because he was eating all of the Hot Pockets.



Keith Olbermann has nothing left to say, reportedly retires from political commentary

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