Seriously TIME?! GMAFB.

From TIME:

Like Republicans, some Democrats have said they are unsure what to believe about credible allegations that were thoroughly reported, hesitated to call for lawmakers to resign and changed the subject to positive things the accused has also done.

On Sunday morning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was pressed by NBC’s Chuck Todd on what a “zero tolerance” policy on sexual harassment meant for Democratic Rep. John Conyers, who was accused by a former staffer.

The California Democrat responded by saying that the system is “strengthened by due process” and that ultimately she believed Conyers would “do the right thing.” She then turned to praise him.

So it’s the GOP’s fault that Nancy Pelosi defended Conyers? ARE YOU ON CRACK, TIME?!

Funny how TIME is doing exactly what it accused the GOP of doing.

And by funny we mean pathetic, hypocritical and dumb.

If only they were trying to be funny.

Didn’t take much.

That’s the EXACT face we made when we read this.

Hey, that’s an insult to dopes!


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