Yesterday, Twitchy reported on Elizabeth Nolan Brown tweeting that Ben Shapiro should be punched in the ‘smug mug.’

She did delete the threatening tweet, just FYI, but then today is complaining that Conservatives (especially you evil Conservative men out there) couldn’t mind read and understand that she somehow wasn’t threatening Shapiro and she’s the victim because she’s getting yelled at.

Or something.


*eye roll*

Seriously, Conservative men really needed to get that she wasn’t saying he should really be punched in the face, she was just making commentary on the vast patriarchy that dictates the right-wing media.


Way to stereotype a bunch of men, Elizabeth.

It’s not their fault she didn’t think before she tweeted.


‘Twitter-APPROVED’: Elizabeth Nolan Brown (with her pretty blue check) says Ben Shapiro ‘needs punched’