When will SJWs learn to just leave Captain Kirk … umm … William Shatner alone? This never ever works out very well for them.

But lucky for us, it’s usually Twitchy gold.

Honestly, we’re starting to wonder if instead of the Klingons that his arch enemies were really just SJWs who need to shave more often.

He gets it.

He also realizes that no matter what he tweets these people are going to find a way to pretend he’s a misogynist or bully. His interactions with the horde are honestly hard to follow but reading through them, we can’t help but laugh.

These people get SO mad at him. EL OH EL.

She deleted it.

But he grabbed a screenshot:

And wow, it went seriously downhill from there.

Don’t start none won’t be none.

Says the woman trolling Shatner.

Don’t ask.

And curtain.


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