Lena Dunham released an apology/statement for defending her accused rapist friend Murray Miller against allegations that he had raped then 17-year-old Auror Perrineau. You can tell she felt SUPER-BAD … for herself.

Guess how well this went over.

Probably should have apologized directly to Aurora and saved the wordy BS for her next book.

Yeah, babe, colors have been shown. Of course, for many of us, we’ve seen her true colors for years and year.

Or when lucrative. Yup.

Sensing a theme here, Lena.

Ouch. When you’ve lost Tony?


Would have been way easier and would probably have saved her from thousands of hate-filled tweets in response to her crap statement.

Forced apology, exactly! It doesn’t read like she’s sorry, it reads like she screwed up and is trying desperately to backpedal.

But Lena was being wise and stuff.

She only apologized because she pissed everyone off.

Oh boy.

Like many in her ‘industry,’ Lena does indeed feel like she’s above the little people.

Mic drop.


‘You parasitic hypocrite’: It appears Lena Dunham’s defense of her accused rapist friend isn’t going so well