To think, this website is FREE.

Yesterday Twitter announced in all its infinite wisdom some new rules around verification of accounts. In the past, Twitter supposedly only verified accounts to ensure the person using the account was really them to prevent folks from impersonating famous people.

Over time it became a status symbol, and instead of dealing with that at a very basic level, Twitter doubled down and removed the much coveted blue checks from several people based on their content and ideas … like Laura Loomer.

Yes, Laura, Twitter is literally Hilter and your losing your checkmark is JUST like the Holocaust.

FFS woman.

We thought for sure she’d delete this by now, but nope.

Would appear so.

Wow, she seems really upset about losing her blue check:

And fine, Linda is awful but c’mon, it’s a BLUE CHECK.

Not to mention that Twitter is a private entity and they are in no way obligated to give anyone a blue check or even allow them to tweet. So if it’s politically motivated, eh. It’s their site and their company, and if you don’t like their politics you don’t have to be on their site.

At least Twitter didn’t slash her tires, right?


‘You’re really bad at this’: Twitter issues guidelines for removing verification from accounts