We joke a lot about “blue-check Twitter” on here, but the real joke seems to be Twitter’s own implementation of the program.

As Twitchy recently reported, actor and comedian Michael Ian Black threatened to leave the service after white nationalist Jason Kessler earned a coveted blue check from Twitter. The next day, Twitter issued a statement saying that verification wasn’t meant to be seen as an endorsement.

The people at Twitter HQ have been hard at work making the situation worse. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it would pause verifying public accounts and introduced guidelines on removing verification from accounts.

That’s right: you can lose your authenticated status if you commit suicide.

So, the blue checkmark isn’t an endorsement — but if Twitter doesn’t like you using your account to “promote hate,” it can remove the blue checkmark.

They did. They just introduced 50-character usernames, which everyone had been clamoring for.

* * *