Rob Schneider shared a story from his time working with an actress who allegedly had an ‘incident’ with Louis C.K.

And since Louis has all but admitted to sexual misconduct, hard to doubt this story.

There is actually a far more troubling part of this incident though, that supports the stories coming out with people saying, ‘everyone knew.’


Following these two tweets, ‘The Emoji Movie’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ actor, T.J. Miller apparently attacked Rob Schneider. Sadly, T.J. seems to have deleted the tweets and then blocked Rob … so we are only getting one side of this story.

However, if T.J. did indeed block Rob, it tells you who won the ‘fight.’

But he deleted the tweets, dadgummit.

And gosh, why on Earth would T.J. get so defensive?

Ooooooh …

Umm excuse us but we were told there would be no math.

And then deleting tweets and blocking like a coward.

Not a good look, Hollywood.