Yesterday, after Donald Trump Jr. outed himself for DM’ing with Wikileaks, the Left thought they REALLY had him … this time. And while it was newsworthy that Trump Jr. had dialogued with Wikileaks, it wasn’t exactly the ‘bombshell’ the Left wanted it to be.


Upon further review, I’d argue there’s less to this revelation than meets the eye. Granted, it is newsworthy, Don Jr. can rightly get rapped for not immediately recognizing and reporting the correspondence as suspicious and inappropriate, and broader Trump camp denials about communication with Wikileaks have sustained a hit (though Pence still seems to be on firm ground by rejecting the notion that the campaign was “in cahoots” with Wikileaks.  I’m not sure they were lying, per se, but they were at least disorganized and amateurish enough to have no idea what was happening, and who might be recklessly freelancing within their ranks. There’s no point in whitewashing a bad story for the White House. But the tone and content of the ‘direct message’ Twitter interactions between Junior and whomever runs Wikileaks’ account looks a lot less damning than it might have. (Read the full story here)

The content of the DMs really was a nothingburger.

But nice try.

Poor things, they so badly need this to be the END of Trump … and again, while it is of interest, pretty sure it’s not Trump-ending.

The Left truly has become the boy who cried wolf.


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