Mary Katharine Ham is one of those amazing people who can totally destroy you by being nice to you. It’s easy to be a jerk but being SO amazingly kind that your opponent scurries off to a corner to suck his thumb takes talent.

For example, her interaction with Matthew Dowd:

Uh-oh, what did he say? Many of us can’t read it because whatever it was, he deleted it.

LUCKILY Ham grabbed a screenshot; whooohoo the Internet is FOREVER.

Seriously? He said this about a young widow with two young children?

No wonder he blocked her.

But that didn’t stop Ham from annihilating him.

Fact-check = true.

No big loss. We’re pretty sure he has most of Twitter blocked at this point anyway.


Way to stick your foot in your mouth, Dowd.

That’s what makes his bizarre, smug tweet even uglier.

He knows her.

And after this, he will likely NEVER forget her.

From this morning … ain’t he adorbs?

Editor’s note: He didn’t delete the tweet, he blocked her, which is even worse honestly.