Someone needs to tell Rep. Ted Lieu that making an ass out of himself after 26 innocent people have been murdered is not such a good look. Oh and we get it, he was trying to make some DEEP and MEANINGFUL statement about how praying isn’t enough, but all he managed to do was make himself look like a jackass.

Or a vile POS – that works too.

He’s cool like that. Alrighty then.

Oh and it seems that Ted would like people to call him a vile POS, so if you come across him in your feed today, you know what to do.

Really dude?

He’s playing political theatre on the backs of innocents and pushing an agenda to raise funds for his campaign. When you think about it in those terms, he’s definitely a vile POS.


Does thinking Nixon was impeached count? Asking for a friend.

And that’s the Democrat way.


Politicize a shooting? Rep. Ted Lieu practically campaigns for Democrats in hours after massacre