Planned Parenthood tried desperately to pretend that allowing the unborn to live was scary with their silly #ScaryStats hour, and all they really did was make themselves look like the heartless ghouls they are.

Health. Care.

That’s adorbs.

Abortion isn’t health care. And being pro-life is HARDLY being extreme.

Luckily, pro-life warriors from all across Twitter came out to raise awareness about stats that were REALLY REALLY scary, and they all but shut the tag DOWN.

THAT is a scary stat indeed.

Sick and sad as well.

Every 30 seconds. Two unborn babies a MINUTE.

That’s not scary, that’s terrifying.

The Left celebrated an illegal immigrant aborting a baby at 16 weeks last week; we’re not talking about people with any sort of moral compass here.

Sanger would be proud.


But according to pro-aborts, if we put restrictions on abortion all of these rape victims will be forced to have babies and stuff.

Genocide anyone?

Last but definitely not least, the Susan B. Anthony List DECIMATED Planned Parenthood with some truly #ScaryStats:

Mic. Effing. Drop.

Let the triggering begin!