As the news broke that the first charges in the Mueller investigation had been approved by a Grand Jury, Roger Stone took to Twitter in what many are calling an UNPRECEDENTED sh*tfit. In fact, his freakout was so epic his name actually trended on Twitter for hours and hours.

What is he so worried about? After all, the charges are sealed and no one knows who is being charged.

Still, this was extremely entertaining.



Look, we are no fans of the media these days but calling for reporters to be ‘severely punished’ is pretty damn unhinged, Roger.

For some reason.

Seems that way.

We realize we’re using a lot of screencaps but full disclosure, Roger Stone blocked the editor of this piece in 2015. Plus he seems to have deleted several of the more … obnoxious ones.

It’s gonna be interesting, folks.


BREAKING: First charges approved in Mueller investigation, reports @CNN; Target unknown

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