You know who doesn’t seem surprised about the allegations that Mark Halperin is a skeeze?

Mary Katharine Ham.

Seriously, is Ham psychic? This piece from 2013 is almost a playbook of Halperin, especially the book deal and HBO. How did she know?

From Mary Katharine Ham via HotAir.Com:

I’m always amazed how detached someone like Halperin can be while criticizing the media for an historic dereliction of duty. He is part of the Washington press corps. As “Game Change” and “Double Down” illustrate, he’s one of those with the highest access. And, yet, he couldn’t possibly ask more questions about Obamacare back when it mattered? No. Because Mitt Romney.

Of course, Mitt Romney was nowhere near the picture when the law passed, so how does he explain that? He doesn’t. Maybe he’ll write a book with all the dirt in it a couple years from now and make a bunch of money on the HBO adaptation. Journalism.

Yeah, what IS the point of Mark Halperin? We’re still trying to figure that one out.

Mary Katharine Ham saw through Halperin four years ago.

And yes, she IS super badass.


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