Jamelle Bouie is the Chief Political Correspondent for Slate, which should really tell you everything you need to know about the type of stuff he writes and tweets. As for this piece on Rep. Wilson, maybe he missed it but SHE started this whole mess by politicizing a phone call the president made to a grieving widow. Now whether or not you believe Trump screwed it up, the aftermath has had ZERO to do with Wilson’s sex or race.

But that didn’t stop Slate from pushing this nonsense:

From Slate:

These fights often feel like a series of needless provocations—clumsy forays into the “culture wars” that harden opposition to Trump’s presidency even as they mobilize his most fervent supporters. But each one reveals a part of Trump’s psyche. If his fight with the NFL underscored his willingness to use racial grievance to rally his supporters, then his comments to the widow of a fallen soldier show precisely who Trump will not respect, under almost any circumstances.

See what we mean? Seems Ben Shapiro did because he called Bouie out bright and early today:

Dude, check out all of those black women Trump has been picking on.

*eye roll*

Cheap shot, Jamelle. But of course what else would we expect?

Sit down.

Seriously, would someone please get Jamelle some ointment for that BURN.


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