Why do the people at Salon write such things? They’re seriously making our jobs WAY too easy …

And seriously, someone might want to look into this guy because this is super creepy.

From Salon:

At work, I’ve spaced out for 20 minutes at a time during meetings, daydreaming about committing violence, always righteously, in overly dramatic, obnoxiously heroic ways, with a very troubling overtone of white saviorism. In addition to saving the girls from a male predator with my brute strength and righteous rage, I’ve had another recurring fantasy of saving the passengers on a plane hijacked by “911-esque” terrorists. I tackle an armed hijacker, turn his gun on him, immediately inspire the other passengers to team up to distract the terrorists, and then deftly fire bullets into all three terrorists’ heads. Dark blood drips down their noses from the wounds on their foreheads. If the meeting is particularly boring, I’ll concoct permutations, new endings. Because it just feels so damn good. Like the dopamine rush of a sex fantasy.

Because so many liberal white guys have been known to take down hijackers; but still, this is super violent.

He continued:

I don’t think I’m alone.

I sporadically attend an anti-racist/anti-sexist white male group (yep, those exist). I came into this week’s meeting, brooding. Emotional tumult, eyes boring into the ground, irked by the benign tone of the conversation. It’s time for my check-in. My heart pounds and I think I might cry.

There are anti-racist and anti-sexist groups for white dudes? Ok SMOD, any day now.

We do we do!


Just hug it out, man.

Dude, it’s bad, right?

He had to know this wouldn’t go well.

Honestly reading this piece, we think he might need therapy. Only SORTA kidding.

Or drink a glass of Wild Turkey … somethin’.

What she said.


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