Earlier this week, lib author and all-around BS artist Patrick S. Tomlinson made a bizarre argument in his quest to prove life doesn’t begin at conception. If you read his ridiculous rantings you know he was trying desperately to get pro-life people to admit that a five-year-old’s life was more important than a bunch of frozen embryos.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

Well, several people took Patrick to the shed about his argument (many got blocked in fact), but that didn’t stop him from trying again.

Huh? So if an embryo doesn’t live inside of the womb they don’t have value or rights? How does existing in a tank make someone more alive?

Oh boy.

Yes, Matt Walsh thoroughly and completely destroyed Patrick. As did Ben Shapiro, who he did ultimately block.

Check out the ego on this guy, EL OH EL.


Did Patrick just admit his entire argument was made out of strawmen?

Gosh man, thanks for that.

Maybe Patrick should just sit this one out.


Oh, and then he explained why he blocks … everyone:

So when does this winner block himself?

Editor’s note: Patrick does have the editor of this piece blocked because he doesn’t do so hot when debating pro-life WOMEN. He runs from them, tail tucked between his legs like a good male feminist.


DAFUQ?! Blue check civil rights she/her suggests 9 pm curfew for ALL MEN, hilarity ensues

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