We’re not entirely sure what the worst part of this tweet is. Whether or not it’s this woman (?) thinks only men sexually assault women or that sexual assault only happens during the day.

Then again these folks aren’t typically the brightest crayons in the box so maybe we’re overthinking it.

Guessing this sounded better in her head before she tweeted it. That’s her solution after reading days of women (and men!) talking about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment?

This is incredibly sexist and bigoted, imagine if a man suggested women have a 9 pm curfew to protect themselves? Women would be screaming from the rooftops about being oppressed by white male privilege.

Bingo. This editor happens to love spending time with her husband out and about EVEN AT NIGHT.

The horror.

Like we said, we’re pretty sure she didn’t really think this through before she posted it.

Gotta love her honesty.

Men are an easy, faceless villain feminists can blame when pushing a narrative.

And discriminatory.


Double bingo.

HA! And who would kill any spiders outside after 9 pm?!


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