Alrighty then.

Joy wants us all to know how important she is folks.

And she wonders why we ‘attack’ so-called comedians like her. What an incredibly elitist attitude, that we little people shouldn’t hold them accountable because they’re supposedly funny.

Maybe if they’d actually focus less on lecturing Americans and more on just being telling jokes? Looking at you, Jimmy and Kathy.

Our sentiments exactly.

They were far too busy smooching up to Obama to pretend to be important for the last eight years, silly.

Oh, and this tells us everything we need to know … EL OH EL.

Hey, this made us laugh. Way to go, Joy.

Wait, we thought that was Hollywood in general.

She seems to think so.


Of course they are – how else would we little people know what to think?

*eye roll*

They’re important. That’s the funniest damn thing Joy has said in a decade.


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