Salon doesn’t like Conservatives, so when they released a list of 25 Conservatives worth following pretty much every actual Conservative laughed heartily. Sadly for those included on the list, there was a good deal of mockery and trolling, but that’s not why S.E. Cupp slammed them for including her on the list:

There are plenty of Conservatives who call ‘balls and strikes’ when dealing with Trump. In other words, they give him credit where credit is due and hold him accountable when need be. Salon based their list on Conservatives who they think hate Trump 24/7, they didn’t really base it on the ideas and principles of actual Conservatism.

Which was really the most annoying part of the list … that and not one single Twitchy editor made it. Harumph!

Gotta watch out for those Kyle Beckley lists on Salon.


Of course, because Salon has nothing but contempt for actual Conservatism.

It was pretty awful indeed.


On that note, Allahpundit who was also on the list handled it pretty well:



Ana Navarro?! LOL! Conservatives have HEYDAY with Salon’s list of 25 Conservatives worth following

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