Ben Shapiro has been a strong, Conservative voice for years, but recently he has truly become synonymous with fighting the silencing of free speech, especially for those on the Right.  So we weren’t surprised when we saw this article from Jane Coaston attacking him personally in the New York Times.


From the New York Times:

What Mr. Shapiro does on campus is shadow boxing meant to pander to his conservative fans whose values dominate mainstream American culture. If he wanted to be genuinely brave, he’d challenge some of the wrongheaded ideas held by his right-wing fans. Instead, he uses his megaphone — the website The Daily Wire — to reinforce what they already believe.

Of course what started this attack was the posting of a Columbus Day video on The Daily Wire that Ben did not approve but took full responsibility for when the masses brought their torches and pitchforks. She continued:

To take only the most recent example: On Monday, The Daily Wire published a video that depicted Native Americans as animated savages before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. In one slide, the video lists Native American achievements as consisting of dreamcatchers, tomahawks and cannibalism, while stating that Columbus’s arrival in 1492 assured the arrival of “math” and “the iPhone.” The animated video was actually the second one The Daily Wire posted this past weekend on the subject; the other carried the subtle title “Christopher Columbus Actually Was a Great Man.”

It. Was. Satire.

Everyone roll your eyes with us on 3 … 2 .. 1

Katie Pavlich did more than roll her eyes in defending Ben:

The article is nothing but cheap shots.

Wonder if the writer realizes she did exactly what she accused Ben Shapiro of in writing this piece. She’s shadow boxing with Ben, pandering to the Left and making a weak argument against a man most of her readers don’t like anyway.

Hello pot, meet kettle.


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