This morning when this editor first logged into Twitter she thought to herself, “Wow, it’s so nice and quiet. Where are all the shrieking SJWs and feminists complaining about men not sitting with their legs together and fart rape?” Then she noticed a tag trending, a glorious, amazing, wonderful tag that meant the entire day would be peaceful, quiet and pleasant.


Apparently women are going silent in order to protest women’s voices being … silenced.


Wondering if Alyssa and others get the irony of this whole boycott? We’re going to guess they do not.

They were silent about Harvey for years and years, and this pissed Rose McGowan off which ultimately got Rose locked on Twitter. And now the same women who said nothing to help her in the first place think boycotting Twitter for the day makes things better?

How about boycotting Hollywood, Alyssa?

Oh, and more good news. Men who identify as feminists will also be silent today.

This should be AWESOME.

A whole week.

Don’t tease us.

They just don’t get it.


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