We almost feel sorry for ESPN.


After Jemele Hill once again tweeted things many felt were unacceptable and unprofessional (calling to boycott an NFL team is probably not all that bright), ESPN finally decided to take action and suspend the anchor. And almost as if on cue, the Left was on Twitter shaking their angry little fists and screeching about putting ESPN out of business.

So being professional and asking your employees to behave in a professional manner is racist.

Who knew?

Going after their advertisers.

Oh these people are just ridiculous.

Seriously, how do they even manage to feed themselves every day? Tie their shoes? Surely they need instructions for even the most basic of activities.

It is pretty delicious.

ESPN should have known better than to try and appease SJWs and Lefties when Jemele first started tweeting questionable things. Of course they also should have stopped with the politics altogether when their ratings started to tank but eh, what do we know?


We see what you did there.

Get in line.


You will NEVER GUESS what Sharpton and Shaun King just blamed for Jemele Hill’s suspension