This sounds like a really crappy birthday party, just sayin’.

Of course if you’re hanging out with Hillary Clinton what do you expect?

Seems Weinstein didn’t only attack women.


From The Daily Mail:

Award-winning actor Nathan Lane has spoken for the first time about an altercation he had with embattled film mogul Harvey Weinstein 17 years ago.

The incident in question occurred at a birthday party Weinstein threw for Hillary Clinton back in October 2000.

Lane was the master of ceremonies for the 53rd birthday party, which also served as a gala for Clinton given she was running for a US senate seat in New York at the time.

Weinstein apparently lashed out at Lane later in the night over a joke the actor had made about Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s comb-over.

Seems Lane did defend himself:

Takes a really horrible, awful person to attack someone like Nathan Lane. Of course we’re talking about Weinstein who allegedly sexually assaulted a plant so who knows.


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