California seems to be trolling the country. What with Brown declaring it a ‘Sanctuary State’ and reversing the law that protects people from those with HIV who do not disclose their disease, California has lost its ever-loving mind.

In all of the noise though with the HIV decision, the clearest and most powerful argument came from a very honest, sincere, young gay Conservative man who happens to be HIV+, Chad Felix Greene.

This is very powerful.

Progress? And Democrats wonder why they keep losing elections.

Chad continued:

Wait, you mean you need to be an adult when making decisions about sex?

Get outta here you oppressor you.

Democrats seem to think we can.



The Left’s agenda makes less and less sense to sane Americans, and the more we question them, the crazier they get.

Welcome to 2017.

Editor’s note: Special thanks, gratitude and respect to Chad Felix Greene for his honesty and integrity in sharing his story.


‘Progress’: Knowingly exposing others to HIV no longer a felony in California