It’s Columbus Day so every Lefty nutbag, raging SJW, and unicorn rancher is on Twitter screaming about how horrible Christopher Columbus was, that Americans suck and yadda yadda yadda that no one really takes all that seriously.

Unless of course we’re writing about it to make fun of them.

Ben Shapiro however won Twitter with his simple take on the ‘controversial’ holiday:

When did it become the IN thing to hate on our country? Was it under Obama? Honestly we don’t get the constant hatred Americans on the Left have for America.

And of course as with any tweet that doesn’t hate on America today, the whiners were out frothing at Ben over his tweet:


Really? Let’s not pretend these whiners aren’t complaining on those holidays as well. It’s like anything that’s positive about America somehow is a bad thing – maybe they should move?

Well, this guy showed Ben. *eye roll*

Ain’t THAT the truth.


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