Being that it’s Columbus Day, we figured the amount of unhinged hatred would be thick with the Left, so we perused the Sean Spicer parody’s timeline (@sean_spicier) and BOY HOWDY, has he been BUSY.

From Weinstein, to gun control, to birth control and of course Columbus Day, he’s seriously ruffled the feathers of many a Lefty cuckoo.

Enjoy (we did!):

Might as well.

Weinstein has only been donating millions of dollars to Democrats for decades but sure, tell us another one.

She seems angry.

Tip your waitress!


Professionals like Weinstein?

Truth hurts.

Oh the irony of someone telling a parody account THEY’RE the idiot.

Now gun control …

Because we all know how much attention criminals pay to the law.

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.


Now birth control!

Let’s not fund either?

No one ever accused these people of being overly bright.

Don’t touch that dial … err … mouse?

We thought we saw him!

Dude, right?

Saved the best for last; Spicier reminds us all the Left has NO SENSE of humor:


Don’t bother.

Lighten up, Francis.


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