Awww, anytime we need a laugh, we head straight for the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) account’s timeline. And after yesterday, we definitely needed something to laugh about … and luckily he (or she) didn’t disappoint.

We sorta love his Jimmy Kimmel slam:

This is what happens to comics as they dry up and lose popularity, they get desperate to be relative.

And speaking of desperate.

Who knew the Spicer parody account was a flake with no credibility? Harsh.

You’d think an English major would look for that blue check.

Just sayin’.


But wait, there’s more!

This time about the San Juan mayor:


Yeah, Sean! Take that.

And NFL kneeling:


And one final Obama implosion:

Man, it seems like all the Sean Spicer parody can do is tell the truth.

So clearly he (or she) is not an actual politician.


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