It’s not shocking that Joy Reid can find a way to blame Trump for the horrible things Harvey Weinstein has allegedly done, in fact we’ve come to expect her to twist and warp nearly ANY situation to fit her narrative.

For example:

Full stop, unless she wants to make a point about Trump somehow being the bad guy here.

And this back-and-forth with Joy and Spongebob Squarepants is pure 2017:

Ok, so no, this isn’t really Spongebob (shocking right?), but this exchange highlights everything that is wrong with the Left. Say something stupid, someone uses their stupid against them, they double down on the stupid and then get made a fool of … almost every time.

Clearly Joy thinks that anyone who would dare admit Weinstein is a pig is a Trump supporter.

Silly lady, doesn’t she know making assumptions about others just makes an ass of her?

Patrick told her.

Oh, and it wasn’t just Spongebob who took issue with her tweet:

Notice even people who don’t care for Trump are calling Joy out over this level of dumb.

Sorta like when Hillary said we shouldn’t politicize Las Vegas and then in her next ‘Twitter breath’ attacked the NRA.

Democrats. *eye roll*