After the Trump administration rolled back a regulation forcing employers to cover birth control (even if doing so went against their beliefs), the Left was in a full-out meltdown screeching about birth control being a woman’s right.

All while claiming Americans don’t need guns, which actually is a Constitutional right. We can’t even make this crap up.

Thank goodness for some sanity!

And it’s not like birth control has been banned, the government will just no longer force private industry to pay for it. Women and men are still more than able to purchase birth control and many plans will still cover it.

Seems Keith Olbermann doesn’t quite get this though:


Oh and PLEASE with lecturing people about what the Constitution says, Keith.

What does he think the phrase ‘keep and bear’ means?



If Keith stopped making such ignorant statements whatEVER would we write about?


What he said.

Sorry old timer.


SHOCKING! SNL missed ONE teensy tidbit from the news this week (rhymes with Pines Teen)