Earlier, we wrote about Yashar Ali calling Michael Moore and others in Hollywood out for not speaking against Harvey Weinstein. Whether their silence is tied to politics or their jobs, it remains cowardly for them to say nothing when hundreds of women in their industry have allegedly been harassed by this one man.

We joked that we could only find this one tweet on Moore’s timeline about Weinstein:

Wow, right?

And TRUTH. If Harvey Weinstein is one of the best people to work with in Hollywood that says so much about the sewer it has become. But please Hollywood elite, lecture middle America more about our ideals and how sexist Trump is.

It’s adorbs.



Which is why Hollywood makes so many people NUTS when they start lecturing us on how we should think, what we should believe and who we should support.

And curtain.


YAAAS! Yashar Ali calls Michael Moore OUT for being a silent COWARD about Harvey Weinstein