Nice of Jessica Valenti to go out of her way to somehow blame Republicans for Harvey Weinstein being a sexual assaulting POS even though he is known as a ‘liberal kingmaker’ (yes, this editor has used that line as much as she can because OMG it’s so perfect).

Seems Valenti knows all about trash:

So is she saying that a bunch of them knew about the ‘lefty guys’ like Weinstein but didn’t say or do anything because of their politics?

Well yeah, we knew that.

Because narrative trumps really helping women, every time. Sure, Weinstein was a giant pervert BUT HEY, he hates guns and supports Planned Parenthood so let’s ignore who he really is.



Women on the Left sure do like to say, ‘Let me be clear’ a lot.

Maybe if they didn’t say such stupid things in the first place?

THERE IT IS, a dig at the Right. Thanks for proving everyone’s point, Jessica. Harvey Weinstein is the bad guy here, and yet because of politics Jessica used this news to attack Republicans.



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