Oh Nancy, let’s not pretend you actually know very many gun owners, let alone understand what they want. And we hate to break it to you, but there are a LOT of gun owners in the NRA … millions of them in fact.

But you be you, Nancy.

Let’s be clear.

That’s cute.

BOOM. So much boom that Nancy’s face fell a little even with the 3 tons of Botox she’s put in it …

Who does she think she is? Let her be clear? Psh, witch please.

Any politician who has taken money from Planned Parenthood for example, has blood on their hands.

It’s time we have a discussion about stupid control.


It’s the Botox, anger and denial. It melts the brain after a while.

We do, but it’s sorta clunky and definitely wouldn’t fit well on a bumper sticker.

‘Nuff said.


‘Dear Jimmy, SHUT UP.’ Conservatives BLAST Jimmy Kimmel for ‘Dear Crazies’ gun tweet