What IS it with the media and their insistence that EVIL MEN are responsible for every ill in the world? We don’t get it. We’re not saying that white men don’t commit crimes and do horrible things, but so do black men, and yellow men, and purple men … and women of all colors too.

Surely they have to know EVENTUALLY everyone is going to catch on to their schtick and call them out, right?

Apparently not.

From TIME:

Another mass shooting in America, another round of questions. Was the shooter a terrorist or a lone wolf (read: “Is he Muslim or not?”). Did he have a political agenda? Was he mentally ill?

Why would someone do this. The answer is always the same.

And c’mon, this was weak.

In a world where narrative and agenda are everything, stats are inconvenient and often ignored.

This article stinks.


Those pesky facts.


We felt this slam way over here.


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