As Twitchy readers know, Patricia Arquette was being her normal, usual, annoying self yesterday and desperately trying to remain relevant.

Hey, it’s what Hollywood hasbeens do.

And the Las Vegas shooting gave her yet another excuse to attack Republicans and make ridiculous and dramatic claims based on absolutely ZERO facts:

Ya’ don’t say? Where did any Republican say people do have the right to shoot at people when they’re angry?


If Arquette, or any gun grabber loon for that matter, paid any attention to what Republicans are actually saying after Las Vegas, they’d see they are condemning this horrible act. Defending law-abiding gun owners who Democrats would gladly disarm is hardly saying people have the right to shoot at others simply because they’re angry.

Huh? Who said that?!

C’mon Patricia, answer the question.

Fragile feelings? Hrm. She seems angry.


MISFIRE! Patricia Arquette shoots her mouth off on gun control, gets OWNED